hello. it seems you've found my site...

it's currently under construction (i'm new to html; bear with me), but feel free to look around!

maybe i should tell you a bit about myself: i'm using this website as an anonymous outlet for my thoughts and as a way to *try* to consolidate the person i am and the person i want to be. it's hard when your heart's always being pulled in a million different directions. (that reminds me: my journal might have some heavy topics, please proceed with caution). anyway, my name's lucienne (she/they), but you can call me lu. i'm 16 and from the us (but i'm also half italian!) and i love linguistics, english lit, loona (i know, i know) and a lot of other things, really. my favorite movie at the moment is kill your darlings, and my favorite book is the great gatsby. my favorite poems are probably the sun by mary oliver, pastoral by wc williams, and (possibly) second night in nyc after 3 years by gregory corso.

alright, bye for now. xx, lu

ps. my site name come's from exurb1a's (on yt) video by the same name. check it out!

pss. idk how to make friends on here, but i think it'd be cool? so...

email: onehundredroots4@gmail.com



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